2301 Final Psy

 2301 Final Psy Composition


Target 1 . you

Define mindset.

The study of habit and mental processes.

Key Terms


The scientific study of patterns and mental processes.


1 . Put a check tag by each statement that is true relating to psychology. X Psychologists study human behavior.

X Psychologists study animal behavior.

By Psychologists study emotions and mental operations.

_____ Mindset and " common sense" lead to precisely the same conclusions about behavior and mental procedures. _____ Mindset is not a science.

Target 1 . 2

Define the scientific technique, and explain how it truly is used in psychology.

The technological method is a self-correcting method for requesting questions and observing naturel answers; relies upon collecting info, generating a theory to clarify, producing testable hypothesis based on the theory after which testing these hypotheses empirically. Psychologists make use of the scientific strategy to evaluate competing ideas also to find the relationships of variables by simply collecting data.

Key Terms

medical method

A self-correcting method for asking questions and observing naturel answers; depends on collecting info, generating a theory to describe, producing testable hypothesis based on the theory then testing those hypotheses empirically.


1 ) What is the key purpose of the scientific approach?

The scientific method demonstrates or disproves competing suggestions. Scientists generate careful findings and solutions which are revised based on new observations.

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