A Strategy For Service Disney Style

Journal of Business Approach

A Strategy pertaining to Service—Disney Style

Rick Meeks

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A Strategy pertaining to Service—

Disney Style

Rick Johnson

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The organization's customer care philosophy began over 35 years back by it is founder. Today, every aspect of the resorts and theme leisure areas is geared to serve—and satisfy—its " friends. "


any businesses are

aiming to improve the

level of quality ser­

vice throughout the per­

formance of their

staff. Some possess recognized the

importance of corporate and business culture and

environment at the same time. Our com­

pany strongly believes the culture,

environmental surroundings, and the performance

of people lie at the heart of a successful

top quality service program.

Friends at the Walt Disney World

Hotel, located a number of miles south west of

Orlando, Florida, typically comment on

3 main facets of the quality of ser­

vice: the cleanliness in the place, the

show itself, as well as the friendliness of the

employees. These reactions will be com­

stacked through feedback, surveys, focus

groups, and letters. Collectively, they echo

the original organization philosophy of Walt

Disney, who summed it up by saying:

Ron Johnson is usually Manager

of Business Courses for

Walt Disney World

Workshop Productions in

Orlando, Florida—a part

with the Disney University or college.

He advices executives in

the " Disney Approach"

through business and

supervision seminars.

• " Top quality will away!

• Give the people whatever you can

give them;

• Keep the place because clean as possible

keep it;

• Keep it friendly;

• Make it a fun destination to be. "

While this philosophy is applicable to a

host to entertainment and family vaca­

tion entertaining, it can be applied as well to any

service-oriented corporation. What

provides this idea to life on the Walt...

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