Love and Marriage

" Take pleasure in and Marriage” Literature Ring


This excerpt by Love and Marriage can be described as relatable humor by Expenses Cosby that draws people together through relatable encounters. He lets us know of his first appreciate Charlene, and exactly how he fell in love with her, she broke up with him, and after that he continued a objective geared towards revenge. It's delightfully comical to read his reminiscing and retelling of how smart he thought himself to become. We can all bring up in some way for this naïve belief of love. This is how Bill Cosby shows people how much they have in common although emphasizing just how hurt take great pride in can lead that you resort to crazy things.


There were too many delightfully enjoyable aspects of this story to count. One of these that I identified extremely enjoyable was when he stated, " I was effective myself that Charlene and i also had been designed for each other: Your woman was a liar and I was a thief. Two such persons, who had been thus deeply in love, should have had a chance to keep torturing each other… ” This really emphasizes the ridiculousness of naïve young appreciate infatuations. This individual also says, " Sigmund Freud when said, ‘ What do women want? ‘ The only thing I've learned in fifty-two years is that girls want guys to stop asking dumb concerns like that. " I found the easy humorous irony of this quote delightful, and it indeed contains a great undertone of truth.

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What does Invoice Cosby train us about most men? He shows that guys are always remaining puzzled by women. We all learn that Bill's experience of Charlene alterations his considered women and after his lively evening this individual finds out hard way that you just can't be a smartass with them. Privately, I think that girls are like rubric's cubes, I have never fixed one. Consequently , girls are very confusing and complicated.


This history was quite simple to connect to, and I linked it to Uncle Came, an old school golf ball great. Came wants to receive revenge on the new college basketball players for...