Linear Regression and Stats


ANOVA & Least Potager

Tyrone Sewell

Statistics, CUSHION 201, Module V-CA5

Alfred Basta

December 20, 2009


ANOVA & Least Squares

Consider the data beneath for the income amounts and prices covered cars pertaining to ten people: |В Annual Salary Level |Amount Spent on Car

|38, 000 |12, 000

|40, 500 |16, 1000

|117, 000 |41, 000

|17, 1000 |3, five-hundred

|23, 000 |6, 500

|79, 1000 |21, 000

|33, 000 |5, 000

|66, 1000 |8, 000

|15, 000 |1, 500

|52, 500 |6, 1000

Response the following questions: В

A. What kind of correlation do you really expect to find between annual income and amount invested in car? В Will it be positive or unfavorable? В Could it be a strong marriage? В Foundation your answer on your personal guess and by looking throughout the data. В

The annual income and amount of cash spent on an automobile correlates that generally the increased the sum of profits the larger area of money spent on a car. The middle/low to middle income in datas spent one of the most with percentages ranging from the low 21% to 40%. The middle/high profits percentages required a much smaller sized percentage charge at 12% and 35%. While the low income proportions represented just 10% of their incomes spent toward a brand new car order. The trend the actual graph ascend on both equally sides of the thready regression line. When the incomes of the client increase the sales for automobiles also soars presenting a good result. Therefore , as long as the incomes continue to grow the relationship to car sales may also trend to the right within an upward, great motion. N. What is the direction of causality through this relationship - i. e. does creating a more expensive car...

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