Management And Leadership Display


and Management


M Lacy Parson


eight Dec 2014

Todd Lambertson

Leveraging Management to

Improve Business Achievement

In the next presentation I will show

you what it takes to increase your

organization success.

Guide to Management

п‚› Command

is a process whereby a great

individual influences a group of

individuals to achieve a common goal.

(Ricketts, 2009)

Management vs . Command


In accordance to an document by the University of Kentucky,

" Modern-day groups, agencies, and groups need the two

effective market leaders and effective managers to run a

good operation. Although some obvious commonalities

(i. e. they equally involve influencing constituents or perhaps

employees; power and electric power are generally offered

with both positions) can be found between

leadership and management, additionally, there are some

stunning differences (i. e. managing is often even more

task-oriented; command is often deemed more

educational and visionary). ” (Ricketts, 2009)

Significance of Leadership in

your Managers

п‚› " Leaders

serve people greatest when they

make them develop their particular initiative

and good common sense, enable these to

grow, and help them become better

contributing factors. People need competence

and proper supervision. ” (Bateman &

Snell, 2011)

Company Culture


" Spectacular leaders incorporate good

proper substance and effective

sociable processes to formulate and

implement strategies that generate results

and sustainable competitive advantage.

They could launch companies, build

organization cultures, earn wars, or perhaps

otherwise change the course of events. ”

(Bateman & Snell, 2011)

Bureaucratic Control

Bureaucratic control

Uses formal rules, standards,

hierarchy, and legitimate expert.

Works best wherever tasks are certain

and workers happen to be independent.

Marketplace control

Uses prices, competition, profit

centers, and exchange

relationships. Works best where

concrete output could be identified

and market could be established

among parties.

Tribe control

Entails culture, distributed values,

philosophy, expectations, and trust.

Is most effective where there is " no person

best way” to do a job and

personnel are energized to



Leveraging Diversity


" In other words, managing range is not just regarding

getting more hispanics and women in to the

organization. It really is about creating an environment

through which employees via every backdrop

listen to each other and work better together therefore

that the corporation as a whole can become

more effective. ” (Bateman & Snell, 2011)


Management vs Leadership- While comparable there are

dissimilarities but it is possible and vital that you possess


 Importance of Leadership a manager –Leaders take

the small information and makes them work for the best


 Organizational Lifestyle –Create a culture that encourages accomplishment.

п‚› Managerial Control- Possess controls in place that keep an eye on

each process from budgets to personal performance.

п‚› Leveraging Diversity- People from different backgrounds

deliver different experience and tips.


Whatever you Don't Want…





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