Points Fall Apart/Oedipus

 Things Land ApartOedipus Composition

Literary Criticism Quiz

1 . Clarify the ego, id, and superego.

installment payments on your What does formalism analyze?

several. What does the philosophical approach assess?

4. Exactly what are the three stages of the quest as defined by the archetypal approach? Make sure you explain these people:

5. Precisely what is the Oedipal Complex?

six. What makes up the " tragic main character? ”

six. What is the intentional argument?

8. About what basis do philosophical critics evaluate a work?

on the lookout for. What is the inferiority intricate?

10. What did Marx criticize?

14. Sociological critics show just how literature can function as what two things? Explain.

12. What is the reasonable presumption that archetypal critics produce?

13. What exactly is trickster?

14. What is a witch?

15. Exactly what are the 4 elements and what does every represent?

Literary Criticism Quiz—Teacher Copy

1 ) Explain the ego, identification, and superego.

Ego—the mindful and represents the mind that interacts with environment Id—unconscious comprised of simple drives: craving for food, thirst, delight, and aggression Superego—like the conscience to represent the idealized image

installment payments on your Who started the formalistic approach?


several. What does formalism analyze?

The text, and only the text: plot, portrayal, dialogue, and style

4. What does the philosophical procedure evaluate?

The ethical articles of literary works

five. What are the three stages with the quest while defined by archetypal strategy? Make sure you explain them: Separation—goes on a trip

Initiation—a combat of some type

Return—returns home and uses knowledge attained

6. How many other approaches are being used in feminist criticism?

Psychological, archetypal, and sociological

six. What is the Oedipal Intricate?

Strong fascination to mother in phallic stages (3-6)—boy wants to marry mother

eight. On what relationship does the sociological critique focus?

Books and culture


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