Recruitment Procedure for Prime Financial institution Limited



Hrm is concerned with the " people” dimension in management. As we enter the 21st century, the role of human resources inside the organizations reaches the center stage. Mangers are getting to be aware that HRM is a function and region that can perform a vital role inside the success in the organization. HRM is no longer a after believed, a limited function or a product to be suffered. It is an energetic participant in charting the course an organization must decide to try remain competitive, productive and efficient. Hrm is a necessary activity in all of the organizations. The focal point is definitely the people. Individuals are the lifeblood of companies. The uniqueness of HRM lies in the emphasis on people in work environment and its matter for the well being and comfort of the human resources in an organization. When an organization is actually concern about its persons, its total philosophy, tradition and tone will indicate this idea.

The concept of HRM has been regarded as the most important activity in recent days as the Human has to be the most varied and tough resource in a organization. The began in England and continued its journey all over the world. The field further developed while using arrival with the Industrial Wave in the later 18th hundred years, which put the basis for the new complicated industrial world. The major change in technology, the growth of organizations, the rise of unions, and government matter and input concerning employees resulted in the introduction of Human Resource Management. The first contributor to HRM was called a persons Relations motion.

The HRM function today is concerned with much more than simple processing, house keeping, and record keeping. It truly is oriented toward action, the, worldwide interdependence, and the foreseeable future. Around the world the managers recognizes that HOURS deserves attention because they are an important factor in leading management tactical decisions that guide the company future functions. People do the work and create the ideas that allow the firm to survive. Even the most capital- incentive, best-structured organizations require people to operate them.

The role of HR managers ought to be complicated as the globalization occurs. It is because the modern day management demands a well believed visualization combined with good belief and wisdom. Present HOURS manager much more of a decision maker than a manager. At present most of the organizations practice HRM as separate division which generally includes organizing, training and education, staff relations, reimbursement policy and so forth

Human resource management is known as a necessary activity in all agencies. Its center point is the persons. People are the lifeblood of organizations.


Every professional level requires couple of practical familiarity with the respective field to satisfy the requirement of that course. My own MBA system also has a term conventional paper, relating to the exchange of theoretical knowledge into the actual life practical scenario. The report entitled " Recruitment Technique of Prime Financial institution Limited” descends from the part fulfillment of your Strategic Human Resources Planning and Staffing Training course. The main purpose of the preparation of the record is due to the partial satisfaction of the Tactical Human Resources Organizing and Staffing requirements Course in the MBA Program conducted by the school of Business, North South University.

During this study course program, I was under the direction and assistance of Dr . Kamal Uddin Ahmed department of Hrm.


The study have been undertaken while using following aims:

Broad aims

This study has covered the recruiting process and the pros and cons about recruitment in Prime Financial institution Limited in Bangladesh. I understand that enrolling process may be the discovering of potential prospects for real organizational opportunities....

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